Thursday, November 22, 2007

Gum sculpting is a procedure that is generally done for cosmetic purposes to eliminate a Gummy Smile and to even out the gum line prior to cosmetic dentistry. Gum sculpting may give your smile a natural, youthful appearance, exposing more of your natural teeth.

As a natural gum structure or as ageing occurs, gums may shrink, giving the appearance of lengthening teeth. Gum recession is also caused by stress on the gums caused by a bad bite. Too much gum or uneven gum levels can detract from an otherwise great looking smile. This can be painlessly corrected by simple gum sculpting. The dentist can use a laser to remove the excess tissue of your gummy smile.

This procedure involves contouring of the gum around your teeth with the aid of latest laser techniques. The result is an enhanced and positively more noticeable smile.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

natural smile is something that all can enjoy

While any general dentist can legally announce that he or she is a cosmetic dentist, and many dentists do cosmetic bonding, it is recommend that any patient who wants cosmetic bonding only, go to a dentist with extensive post-graduate training in cosmetic dentistry.

A cosmetic bonding is usually a one-visit procedure. The tooth is prepared by lightly roughening the area to be repaired, which usually doesn't require anesthetic. Then the surface of the tooth is etched with a gel, and a treatment of bonding primers and resins is applied to the tooth. Finally the composite is applied.

At The Welbeck Clinic the cosmetic dentists provide the best cosmetic bonding services for its clients so that a healthy, good-looking, natural smile is something that all can enjoy.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Warm winters!

Eating outside is one of life's simple pleasures, but it's no fun if you're cold. So take the chill off the night and stay out late. Safe, secure, stylish and practical that'll be Nationwide outdoor heaters.

Suitable for nearly all of our folding-arm awnings, the infrared short-wave our outdoor heaters promise immediate radiant heating, with homogeneous distribution of heat. Easy, variable installation to the wall or with brackets specific to each awning type. The heater direction can be adjusted via the fixture bracket. Operation with a single standard power supply, our outdoor heating is energy efficient using aluminium with 92% reflectivity for the reflector and the double parabolic design.

Available in a range of finishes, colours and styles - our outdoor heaters ensure that you can enjoy your garden in total comfort.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Single Parent Holidays

As a single parent, it can be difficult trying to find the time and money to take a holiday. The TV adverts don't help either, getting the kids excited enough to constantly hassle you about going away. And then if you do manage to get away, it's hardly a holiday for you, is it? You still have the hassle of the kids, and the knowledge that EVERYTHING on holiday is more expensive than at home.

This needn't be the case anymore! Single Parent Fun have teamed up with Small Families to provide single parent holidays that cater fully to the single parent family. Even better than that is that they are designed with the idea of keeping costs down, so even a family dependent on a single parent wage can enjoy a single parent holidays!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Industrial Units London

Retail space is becoming an increasingly expensive commodity in London, so it is great to find a business with retail space available in London and competitive rates. I'd be reluctant to shop anywhere for my retail space London needs other than Pearl & Coutts

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Office Space

With Office Space on the rise again and in many parts in central London now commanding over £2000 per square foot, more and more companies are looking to rent commercial properties in London. This is in turn driving up the demand for prime properties in central London. Pearl Coutts own a substantial amount of properties all over the UK and often have good rental availability. So if you are looking for London Office space then do visit their website

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Meeting rooms finder service

Are you looking for meeting rooms in London that offers you a competitive price and flexibility?
Do you need a convenient, cost effective and accommodating venue for your work with clients?
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We can offer you customized meeting rooms london ready on day one and a minimum set up cost.
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